1. New 'Die Another Day' Scene uncovered!

    By David Winter on 2002-05-02

    Yet another time CBn is the first to report a new scene which was recently filmed in London.

    According to the French James Bond Club, Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) James Bond is hiding himself in a crowd of photographers standing in front of the Buckingham Palace, to identify a pretender in the royal family.

    Wow, what amazing news!

    It's finally the confirmation for the London filming which took place last week, and which was covered by CBn. But Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) a pretender in the Royal Family, that’s the first thing we hear of. So could it be that the Face Maniputator is used for becoming a Royal?.

    To add your own theories to this report, please go to this thread in the Die Another Day Forums!

    And thanks to 'Level007' for the tip-off!