1. Rumour: David Arnold's Homage To John Barry

    By David Winter on 2002-05-01

    Forum user Stringfellow has checked in to tell us a rumour he has heard.

    Appearently, Die Another Day chief composer David Arnold is going to use the alternate 007 Theme in the next James Bond movie. This is the music that hasn't been heard since the amazing boat chase in Moonraker.

    As Stringfellow tells us, Arnold wants to update this music with an electronic sound with glass handbells as background to this music. Anyway, apparently a representative of David Arnold or Eon have worked out an arrangement with Fenton Art Glass Factory in Williamstown, West Virginia, to have these glass handbells produced.

    Furtheron we are told that these glass handbells being made to create an icy sound, which means, this music could be part of the Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Car Chase in Iceland. Aaccording to one source, Stringfellow tells us, there is a scene where Brosnan jumps into his Aston Martin while being pursued by Zao. He pushes a few buttons and the instrument panel lights up on the dash. The handbells will begin at this point. Very slow at first and then the music takes off when Brosnan hits the gas.

    If there are any updates, you will hear it on CommanderBond.Net first!

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    However, fan artist Renard created an image last year;

    A big 'Thank You' to Renard!