1. Brosnan After Bond 20?

    By David Winter on 2001-04-11

    Recently we’ve heard a fair bit about New Zealand actor Russel Crowe replacing Brosnan as Bond in Bond 21. While I personally don’t believe the rumours I can say that it’s created quite a stir, especially amongst the Bond 20 Forums.

    Moving away from Crowe, Marie a user in our forums and a huge Brosnan fan, reminds us that when Brosnan received an award from Empire Magazine for Best Actor in an Action Adventure for “The World Is Not Enough” he commented “it’s been a great ride doing Bond, and long may it last.” Furthermore, as we reported his body double Douglas James said that Pierce wants to do seven Bonds in all to match Sean and Roger’s total number of films and become the definitive Bond.

    So will Brosnan stay on? Well when we spoke to EON Productions we learnt that Brosnan did have a standing contract with MGM. However, no further details could be revealed.

    Marie posted this news first on our forums in this thread so feel free to pop in and have your say. Of course you can look through our speciall set up Bond 21 Forum as well. It would be great to see you there 🙂