1. Foreign Titles

    By daniel on 2002-01-20

    Foreign Titles For Die Another Day:

    Country – Title | English Translation

    Argentina – Morir otro dia | Die Another Day

    Brazil – Um Novo Dia Para Morrer | A New Day To Die

    Buenos Aires – Otro Día Para Morir | Another Day To Die

    Czech Republic – Dnes neumírej | Don’t Die Today

    Finland – Kuolema Saa Odottaa | Death Can Wait

    France – Meurs un autre Jour | Die Another Day

    Germany – Stirb an einem anderen Tag | Die Another Day

    Italy – La Morte Può Attendere | The Death Can Wait

    Poland – Smierc Nadejdzie Jutro | Death Comes Tomorrow

    Portugal – Um Novo Dia Para Morrer | A New Day To Die

    Russia – Omrij, Na Nje Zejtcas | Die, But Not Today

    Spain – Muere Otro Dia | Die Another Day

    If you’d like to discuss these titles please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to Tim007, Luis, Carlos, Giacomo, and Dan for helping to compile this list.

    Last Updated: December 21, 2002