1. Alternate Lyrics: My Cherry Pie (All Time High)

    By daniel on 2002-04-28

    Members of the Forums are currently creating alternate lyrics for James Bond themes and 'Tanger' has come up with one that I'm particularily impressed with!

    It's My Cherry Pie, which should be sung to the music of All Time High, the title theme for Octopussy.

    All i wanted was a sweet dessert to eat after tea,
    I never thought it could be,
    A strawberry mousse.

    In my time I've had desserts and more and some that could make you sick,
    The cake icing's too thick,
    I don't like sponge.

    It's a cherry pie,
    It's more than I've had before,
    Yes it's so much more;
    Than a plate of jell-y

    I want cherry pie,
    I'll take on the whole damn thing;
    So hold on tight,
    Let this night,

    I don't want to waste a single crumb I don't want to leave;
    A single slice of this great,

    Tremendous pie.

    Chocolate cake is a thing that makes my sides grow thick,
    But more substantial to this,
    Is a huge great pie.

    Bring me cherry pie,
    I'll eat it in one go,
    Leaving not a crumb,
    Watch it grow yes my bum.
    I like cherry pie,

    Leaving it I hate,
    So make me more,
    Before I eat my plate.

    Make me cherry pie-ie-ie-ie.