1. Foreign Titles of "Die Another Day"…

    By David Winter on 2002-04-26

    Six weeks after the release of the title of the 20th James Bond Installment, "Die Another Day", distributor Fox is anouncing the foreign titles for the movie.

    In Germany it is going to be called "Stirb an einem anderen Tag" and in France "Meurs un autre Jour", which both are the direct tranlations of "Die Another Day".

    In Portugal and Brazil the movie will be named "Um Novo Dia Para Morrer", which means "A New Day To Die", in Poland it is going to be "Smierc Nadejdzie Jutro", "Death Comes Tomorrow".

    Other titles are to follow, if you know already the title of "Die Another Day" in your country, please add it to this thread in the Die Another Day Forums!