1. Crowe Rumours Take Different Light

    By David Winter on 2001-04-05

    Again Bond 20 @ BHM is taking a slightly different angle and concentrating on films beyond Bond 20.

    It seems that John Glen’s statement that he’d like to see Russel Crowe as James bond has taken another shape tonight. However, personally I (Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes) can’t help but think it has become distorted. Fans of this site will recall the ‘expansion’ of the Catherine Zeta Jones rumours. Basically Zeta Jones commented that she’d only be in a Bond movie if she was to play Jane Bond, a few days later rumours were spreading the net that the next Bond (Bond 21) would feature Jane Bond and not James Bond. Do you see what I’m pointing at? This rumour could have become completely stretched out. But it’s my duty to report it; atleast you’ve heard my feelings on this anyway.

    This fresh rumours comes from Jeanette Walls, an American gossip columnist who works for MSNBC. Here’s what she’s had to say:

    From gladiator to super spy

    Will kidnapping target Russell Crowe play the part of the ultimate secret agent man?

    A well-placed source says that the producers of the James Bond series are trying to get the Aussie hunk to take over the role of 007 from Pierce Brosnan. “[Brosnan] is asking for more than $20 million and editorial control,” says the insider. “He has been grumbling that he wants out of the role.”

    “Crowe would be a new twist for Bond – a Bond for the new millennium,” says another source. “He would appeal as much to women as men.”

    Crowe’s spokeswoman didn’t return calls, and when called for comment, the producers of the Bond series said that Brosnan would star in at least one more Bond film. When asked if they were in discussions with Crowe about taking over the role, the office issued a terse “no comment.”

    Personally I think that’s a load of crap. Why? Well it’s quite simple. With Bond 20 getting underway and major casting beginning for that why would producers of the Bond films be looking beyond Bond 20 to Bond 21 already? Of course I could be wrong – EON could be jumping ahead of themselves, but I seriously doubt it. And as for the two seperate insiders – again it seems well created sentence. Finally, as for Brosnan asking $20 million a flick, I honestly can’t say that I know about that. I know he was payed around $4 million for GoldenEye and that profits are seriously up since then. You have to remember, Brosnan is a sure thing at the box office with Bond, records prove that. Would EON/MGM not pay $20 million to Brosnan when their own returns is exceptionally larger?

    That’s my opinion anyhow. You can have yours in the Bond 20 Forums where this thread about Russel Crowe began quite a while ago.