1. Darcey Bussel Not To Be Bond Girl

    By David Winter on 2001-04-05

    It now seems that the recent rumour about Darcey Bussel being cast as the Bond girl in Bond 20 is 100% false. From that I guess we can assume that the rest of the report is false as well. The production date of August was indivative as false from the start.

    As Annonova reports:

    Darcey Bussell has hoodwinked fans into thinking she was going to
    become a Bond girl.

    Ananova and the BBC were among the media who fell for her April Fool

    The joke was posted on the ballerina’s official website on April 1.

    She said she would star in the new James Bond film alongside Pierce
    Brosnan wearing a rubber catsuit for the title sequence.

    Sadly, an April Fools prank wasn’t apparent to me, we didn’t receive the news till the 3rd of April. I did speak to EON Productions shortly after posting the news – a spokesperson for them stated that she’d heard little of the news and none of it was official.

    If you’re interested in discussing who the Bond girl will be this great thread has opened in the Bond 20 Forums. It’s got lots of speculation and some great pictures. See you there!