1. Possible Details On Filming In London

    By daniel on 2002-04-23

    It seems we may have some more details on the filming that recently took place in Green Park in London. 'Smitty' has posted in the Die Another Day Forums details on the filming that he says were given to him by a friend. We do have to file this news as rumour as 'Smitty' isn't a regular source for CommanderBond.Net. But with that in mind, read on.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    In this recent reported we noted how a British police officer in Green Park had been told that the U.K.’s military parachute team the ‘Red Devils’ would be involved in the filming of part of Die Another Day.

    Before this news went to press ‘Smitty’ posted in the forums that one of his friends, who works in the Art Department of various films, told him that the scene involved Bond in Green Park and a “scene with Pierce PARACHUTING IN ON A UNION JACK PARACHUTE”.

    What would seem like a simple fan-rumour with any other Bond film does seem plausible with Die Another Day, simply because of the level of homages that will be present in the film.

    Have your say on this rumour in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. See you there!