1. First Clues To Die Another Day Finale

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-04-20

    Vic Armstrong revealed in an interview with The Daily Record hints of what will be involved in finale of Die Another Day.

    From The Daily Record's interview:

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    At the moment, the action guys are waiting to film the finale – a huge aeroplane climax which is still being re-written.

    Vic said: “We’ve still got a bit to do. There are some final flying machine sequences in Korea that are still to be worked out.

    “The climax, after the ice lake chase, will be in an aeroplane – but I don’t know too much about it yet.”

    Though very little details of the sequence were made public. We now know of three major action sequences in Die Another Day. Plus many other smaller sequences.

    The entire Daily Record interview can be found here.

    Armstrong also speaks of many of the stunts he had talked about in his Empire Online interview earlier in the week. (see CBN's coverage of the Emipre Online interview.)

    Thanks again to Mourning Becomes Electra for the tip. Discuss this interview in CBN's Die Another Day forums in this thread.