1. Official Site Updates With Information On Cadiz

    By daniel on 2002-04-20

    The official James Bond site has updated with information on the poor weather in Cadiz. But first off the rank is a glimpse at the official logo for Die Another Day.

    Overall, the update simply looks at the poor weather that was initially experienced by the crew. However, readers of CommanderBond.Net will already be familiar with 90% of the details in the article.

    Of more interest is this picture of Jinx:

    As PaulZ108 points out in the forums, it looks like Jinx is drinking a "Mint Julep" that Bond, Goldfinger, and Pussy Galore drank in 1964's Goldfinger. Another wink perhaps?

    If you want to discuss the update you can do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forum.