1. Exclusive: Footage From The Pre-Title Sequence

    By daniel on 2002-04-17

    German media outlet RTL have published the same footage that we reported was on Greek TV recently.

    Bond Races To A Hovercraft

    Thanks to our exclusive partnership with CommanderBond.Net can bring you footage from the pre-title sequence that, unlike the RTL version, you can save to your hard drive and watch again and again.

    Clopin tells us in the Die Another Day Forums about the footage.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The material was now shown on RTL’s major news magazine. It is impressing. Between the Aldershot takes are bits from the Hovercraft rehearsals with the stuntmen, and also from Brosnan’s shooting in Cadiz. As earlier reported here and seen on the pix over at Halala’s sites there are featured, well, between five to seven sports cars. There’s a red Ferrari as well as Zao’s green Jaguar and also another blue, a silver and a grey sports car that have to be identified. They stand in a row, but the rest of them is hidden in smoke. Still, they don’t really fit to this ugly and muddy location. It’s dirty work for 007 – that’s for sure.

    It looks like a battle field, it’s war. And a lot of fire power and explosions. I hope that doesn’t set the tone for the whole movie… There camera perspectives remind me of the ski chase in TWINE.

    At the end of the report there’s Pinewood material showing a little bit of Moon’s base and Bond with hands up – right before he’s captured by Zao. It also shows that Bond is totally wet before they catch him. A drop from a waterfall..?! The material from Pinewood also has totally different light and colour impression. That’s a lot of work for post production to make it fit…

    All of the footage shown was filmed at both Pinewood Studio's and Aldershot.

    An Explosion Derails A Camoflaged Train

    So you want to watch the footage? Well you can thanks to CBn and MI6. Simply visit MI6 and view their news headlined Hovercraft Chase Video!. From there you can watch the video and then save it from your player. A word of warning though. You may need a media codec called DivX to view the video. You can download it from here in various formats including Mac, PC and Linux.

    Chaso Breaks Out In The North Korean Base

    If you'd like to discuss the footage please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums where the discussion is already in progress! See you there!

    A Hovercraft Belonging To Colonel Moon

    Thanks to 'Thanasis' for letting me know about the RTL video!