1. Author William Boyd Examines Fleming's Life And Death

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-04-17

    Times Online has published an article by author William Boyd (Any Human Heart, Stars and Bars, An Ice-cream War) on the life and final days of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. In the article Boyd examines Fleming's daemons and wish to hurry his inevitable death.

    Fleming described himself thus: “I’ve always had one foot not wanting to leave the cradle, and the other in a hurry to get to the grave. It makes rather painful splits of one’s life.” And, one might add, provides a field day for the amateur psychologist.

    Boyd compares Ian Fleming, the man, to his creation, calling James Bond, 'a kind of hopelessly remote role model'.

    The article also reveals that Ian Fleming himself appears as a minor character in Boyd's latest novel, Any Human Heart.

    William Boyd's article entitled Kedgeree, shaken not stirred was published on Times Online 17 April 2002.