1. Aston Martin DB4 stand-in from Goldfinger goes up for auction

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-05-12

    LONDON—With their bulletproof bodies, hidden missile launchers, and self-destruction settings, the cars of fictional British secret agent James Bond have delighted moviegoers and tantalized car and espionage fans for nearly half a century. Now wealthy Bond devotees will have a chance to own one of their very own, as British auction house Bonhams gears up to auction a 1962 Aston Martin DB4, which was used in the production of the Sean Connery-helmed 1964 classic, Goldfinger. The car, originally built for the publishing tycoon Max Aitken, the first Baron of Beaverbrook, is estimated to earn £40-60,000 ($59-89,000) when it heads to the auction block on May 22 as part of Bonhams’ Aston Martin car sale, the only auction in the world devoted to models by—and memorabilia related to—the storied sportscar company.

    Aston Martin DB4 stand-in from 'Goldfinger'

    Aston Martin DB4 stand-in from Goldfinger

    Unfortunately, the car never actually made it into a Bond film; rather, it was used as a model for designing the special additions (like machine guns and ejector seats) that were later added to a silver DB5 used in the movie.

    While it’s not quite as impressive as some later Bond cars, the Aston Martin boasts some interesting features, including a special, extra-light clutch and a thermostatically activated overheating alarm. Despite it’s apparent historical value, the car had actually been sitting in a garage since 1974.

    For further information, visit the official Bonhams website.

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