1. Spy Report: Filming At Heatrow

    By daniel on 2002-04-17

    Our source Mr Potato Head has just checked in with some details on filming for Die Another Day that took place at Heathrow Airport in Britain. The filming took only one day and was conducted before by the First Unit before they travelled to Spain.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The First Unit used non-public areas of Heathrow Airport to film scenes from Die Another Day, hence, there was no media coverage of the event. Despite this, thanks to Mr Potato Head we’ve learnt details on one scene that was filmed.

    The scene involved Pierce Brosnan dropping from the undercarriage of an aircraft onto the runway.

    While we don’t have further details on the scene we are free to speculate. I personally believe this scene could be related to two sets that were constructed at Pinewood.

    The first set will be shown as being in North Korea. It is the nose of an aircraft and was on the same stage as the helicopter Bond will jump from near Colonel Moon’s base.

    The other set is the inside of an aircraft, we learnt of its existance from a photo of a Pinewood stage.

    The news article for both of these sets can be found here.

    As to the connection between the sets, we’re as yet unsure.

    When we have more details you can be sure you'll read about it at CommanderBond.Net!

    Until then please discuss this news in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums!