1. Vic Armstrong Details Major DAD Stunts To Empire Online

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-04-16

    In an interview on Empire Online stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong talks about the stunts of Die Another Day including details of both the ice lake chase and the pre-title hovercraft sequence. Among other things, Vic reveals that Pierce was not available for the ice chase filmed in Iceland but that Rick Yune (Zao) was on hand for the chase.

    Pierce was going to come up but they got behind here [at Pinewood Studios] a little bit and couldn't get away. When it came time to go home, they wanted to send Pierce up but the ice would have melted. The day we left it just started melting, you couldn't even walk on it, so it was unfortunate. I shot plates so we can do Pierce back here which is not so bad for him because he's in the covered car whereas the other guy's in the open car. It's more important to Zao really because you see much more of the background when he's chasing around.

    Vic also clarifies details of both Halle Berry's and Pierce Brosnan's injuries. Halle's eye injury was very minor according to Vic, but she did sustain an injury to her shoulder that was just a bit more serious. Pierce's knee problem apparently stemmed from previous problems that Pierce had with his knee.

    To Bond fans, the saddest part of Vic's interview has to be when he speaks of the accidental destruction of an Aston Martin Vanquish.

    Empire Online also has short story summarizing the stunts revealed that can be found at this link. The entire Vic Armstrong interview can be found at this link. WARNING: Both articles contain some spoilers. Big thanks to 'john007' for pointing out the story.

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