1. Another Homage To Fleming Discovered In DAD

    By daniel on 2002-04-16

    The CommanderBond.Net Forum users have done it again!

    Pierce Brosnan recently revealed that Die Another Day has several "winks" to past Bond adventures. One of the most obvious is the recently revealed bikini that Halle Berry's character Jinx will be wearing, however, the forum users have recently discovered another in this picture which was recently revealed by CommanderBond.Net.

    So what is the wink? It's the cigarette advert on the tunnel wall. The poster is of the Players Cigarette Boy, and he is mentioned by Domino in the chapter 'Cardboard Hero' in the novel Thunderball by Ian Fleming.

    "I would like a packet of Players… I need my Hero" Domino tells Bond. Bond asks her what she means by 'Hero' and she explains, "My one true love! The man of my dreams. The sailor on the front of the packet of Players. You have never thought about him as I have… You don't understand the romance of this wonderful picture – one of the great masterpieces of this world. This man was the first I ever sinned with. I took him into the woods, I loved him in the dormatory. I spent nearly all my pocket money on him. In exchange…" And so Domino continues, for another page to be precise.

    The Players Cigarette Boy plays quite a role in the character development of Domino, and here he is, in a homage in the 20th James Bond film.

    To whomever working on the productions decided to include this image in Die Another Day, I tip my hat to you.

    I also tip my hat to 'Mr. Solo' and 'al' who first noticed the relevance of the poster in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.