1. Gemma Arterton: James Bond will survive

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-04-22

    News Release – Gemma Arterton is sure James Bond will bounce back from its financial troubles, putting the legendary film franchise on hold.

    Gemma Arterton

    Gemma Arterton

    The 24-year-old actress played Bond girl Strawberry Fields opposite current 007 Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace in 2008.

    Gemma said: ‘It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed—it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.’

    EON Productions have blamed the financial difficulties of MGM studios, which is reported to have a 3.7 billion-dollar (£2.4 billion) debt.

    J Blakeson, who directs Gemma in their latest film The Disappearance Of Alice Creed, feels British film is thriving.

    He said: ‘James Bond is funded by an American studio anyway. Obviously it’s very good for the technicians, it’s made by British people. But most of the money that gets made from James Bond films doesn’t stay in Britain so it doesn’t fuel our industry very much.

    ‘I think there’s a real good wave of up and coming filmmakers at the moment, it’s quite exciting.’

    As always, will keep you updated with all the latest news circling Bond 23.

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