1. Details of DAD Footage From Greek TV

    By daniel on 2002-04-14

    'Thanasis' has just sent in some details of footage from Die Another Day that recently aired on Greek telvision station Mega Channel. It seems the station have managed to get their hands on footage from the recent filming in Spain.

    Well on Friday night (12th) Greek tv channel MEGA CHANNEL aired 4 minutes of footage from Die Another Day. I was quite stunned when i saw it since i had never seen them mention anything about the movie before and it was on their primetime 60 min news broadcast.

    The footage consisted mainly of the hovercraft [scene which takes places in the pre-title] sequence but also showed Halle Berry in her swimsuit and Brosnan in a summery shirt.

    Starting with the hovercraft sequence i must say that it does not look as good as in had imagined it to be. The scenes i saw were firstly of Brosnan running over some hovercrafts in the base area and finally hopping into one as well scenes Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) from Brosnan riding the hovercraft through a very muddy forest area with explosions and shootings going on. I am afraid that these preliminary shots do not match up to the early footage i had seen on the speedboat chase in TWINE. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) I have to also confirm the rumour posted on this site about Ferraris appearing in the demilitarised zone are TRUE since i got a glimpse of this flashy red ferrari whilst Brosnan was dodging bullets. Throughout the hovercraft scene we saw Brosnan holding a machine gun that he kept on firing whilst aboard and driving the hovercraft. In between the footage of the pre titles sequence Brosnan comments to the camera on how bigger this film is and how many bruises it had caused him!

    Finally the rest of the footage was from Cadiz where Halle Berry was swimming and then handshaking with Brosnan, as if they were meeting in some sort of cafe by the sea side. It reminded me of the scene where Connery meets Barbara Carrera in Never Say Never Again.

    On a final note i have to say that although the hovercraft scenes i saw looked a bit boring, the scene should look better when completed.

    Some great details from 'Thanasis'. It's interesting to note the way Bond and Jinx meet for the first time, while still a homage to Dr No their greeting isn't quite the same. It's also great to finally have more details of the pre-title sequence, especially after getting a fantastic picture earlier today.

    A big thanks to 'Thanasis' for sending the report in!