1. First: Amazing Pictures From Die Another Day

    By daniel on 2002-04-14

    Every now and then (quite often actually) something comes across my desk that blows me away. Well today, one e-mail came my way that did just that.

    Hallalla has sent in three pictures from various parts of Die Another Day, all seemingly future promotional photos for the film. And quite frankly, I love the images!

    This first image is of Bond's hotel in Die Another Day. We recently revealed the hotel is named El Gran Palacio. If you look at the top of El Gran Palacio there are two flags flying. They are both the national flag of Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Cuba, where scenes from Die Another Day are featured.

    A Close Up Of The Top Of El Gran Palacio

    And with the next picture it only gets better;

    What you're looking at above is the first photo of Die Another Day's 'Q-Branch' scene. Now we know that rather than it taking place inside MI6 it takes place in a part of the British Underground controlled by the secret service. Previously we had scene footage of a an earlier scene between M and Bond that also takes place in the secret part of the Underground.

    Finally, is this amazing picture from the pre-title sequence of Die Another Day. This still shot was taken during filming at Aldershot. You'll notice Bond and the two disguised people are sitting on top of a specially designed hovercraft. Also to the right of the photo are two sports cars. This confirms CommanderBond.Net Spy Reports that Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) revealed Colonel Moon’s henchmen would all drive expensive sports cars. I'm pretty certain the green nose that is sticking out belongs to the Jaguar XKR.

    Some amazing pictures there, and you saw them all first at CommanderBond.Net! A big thanks to Hallalla for sending them in.

    If you'd like to discuss these images please do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. See you there!