1. Douglas James Films Steam Train DAD Spoof

    By daniel on 2002-04-14

    UK telvision station 'Anglia South-East', which is a localised broadcast, has shown footage of filming of a Die Another Day spoof that stars Pierce Brosnan look-alike Douglas James. The spoof, which is a corporate advert, involves a steam train and 'mkkbb' has sent in details of the footage.

    Douglas James and a spitting image double of Halle Berry were being filmed for a scene where Bond rescues Jinx from a steam train. It is part of a commando raid. It had many commando people swinging into the side of the train from the roof where they let off sprays of gunfire, and Bond chasing the train to Jinx’s cabin/section where he rescues her.

    It also showed a command shooting someone off the train over a bridge. This reminded me of Broken Arrow, but maybe it will be a lot different.

    Thanks to mkkbb for sending in the report!