1. EON Productions Talk To Bond20@BHM – Exclusive!

    By David Winter on 2001-03-26

    Hold The Presses…

    This news is just in and a massive exclusive to Bond20 @ Blue Haze Movies and CommanderBond.Net. David Winter managed to interview a spokesperson from EON Productions this afternoon. With this guarnteed information on James Bond 20 this is what we can tell you.

    In recent news Whitney Houston has been rumoured to have secured a role in James Bond 20. We can now inform you that this news is false. The truth is that Houston is not ‘currently’ invovled with the upcoming film, however, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Brocoli will meet with her on their next visit to Los Angeles contrary to other reports which have said Houston will travel to Great Britain to meet them their. As for why they are interviewing Houston? Well “she’s just in talks”.

    Moving away from Whitney Houston you’ll recall a recent news article in which Pierce Brosnan had commented that they finally have a script. Well, many people including myself took this as confirmation that the script is completed and perhaps waiting for further drafts. We can tell you that the final script has not been completed and there is currently no scheduled date for when it will be completed.

    Which takes us to our next point. Remember the UK release date on November 22, 2002? Well that’s not entirely true. The release date has not been released. What does this mean? Well it could be November 22nd and then again it may not be 🙂 But don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

    And finally something on Pierce Brosnan and future movies. We can confirm that Brosnan does have a standing contract with MGM, but for how long? Well that couldn’t be revealed. So is Bond 20 Brosnan’s last? Perhaps not. You’ll recall rumours from January 2000 where Empire Online reported that Brosnan was in negotiation to do seven Bond films altogether. So is this true? We don’t know, only time will tell.

    Well that’s all for this major exclusive. We’ll keep you posted should we hear any more. But I (Daniel Dykes) can already confirm that in a few days we’ll have more from EON Productions, this time from another informant, about Bond 20 moving into production and when it will be film, so keep your eyes out! As per usual you can discuss all this news in our exclusive Bond 20 Forums.

    Thanks to everyone who worked hard to bring this news to press.