1. Site Update

    By David Winter on 2002-04-10 has updated with one news article and a video newswrap.

    Before the articles and video, a pop-up press release is on the site detailing Halle Berry's recent incident which caused her to seek medical attention. The press release is as follows:



    Following recent reports in the media that Halle Berry had sustained an injury whilst filming the 20th James Bond 007 adventure, "DIE ANOTHER DAY", in Spain; MGM and the Producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, have issued the following statement:

    "Ms Berry experienced some discomfort when a gust of wind blew some dust into her eye during filming of an action sequence on Saturday. Contrary to media speculation it was not as a result of debris from a smoke grenade. As a precautionary measure the production sought medical attention for what was a slight inflammation. We are happy to report that Ms Berry suffered no lasting ill effects and returned to work immediately.

    Safety considerations are of primary importance to the 007 Production and all necessary precautions are taken for the benefit of both the cast and crew to ensure their personal welfare."

    The article, "Questions for Michael Wilson" firstly discusses the producers Cameo appearences in the Bond films. Michael Wilson also reveals that he will be making an appearence in Die Another Day, but won't continue to tell us anymore details – we have to keep a sharp eye out for November!

    Another topic that comes up in the article is about Eon productions. has discussed this topic previously in our forums. People have speculated that Eon stands for "Everything Or Nothing", however, Michael Wilson concludes that it stands for nothing.

    One last question that is in the article, is to who is the "real boss". Yarborough replies with "they [Michael Wilson & Barbara Brocoli] both are".

    We also get in the site update, a short video clip of a fly over of where the DAD scenes in Iceland have been filmed.