1. Trailer May Appear Before New Line Movies

    By daniel on 2002-04-10

    Variety has reported that a deal may be reached between New Line Cinema and MGM that will see the trailer of Die Another Day air before viewings of Austin Powers III and the next installment of Lord Of The Rings. The price for such a privledge? Letting New Line name the third Austin Powers movie 'Austin Powers in Goldmember'.

    Should the deal be reached it will be great publicity for Die Another Day. The first teaser trailer is not expected to be seen until MGM releases 'Windtalker' starring Nicholas Cage.

    Should the deal fall through Dark Horizons has reported that Austin Powers III will be called one of the following titles; "Live and Let Shag," "You Only Shag Thrice" "Never Say Member Again" and "License to Shag". All of these titles have apparently been approved due to the parody law.

    Thanks to 'Ry' for sending in the news article which you can discuss here.