By David Winter on 2002-04-20

    It's the same story on the Internet these days, can't get something for nothing. Many sites are now either subscription based, or use advertising as a means of income. CBn has been totally financed by it's own staff and donations, nothing more. We don't want to advertise on the site, as it will just become irritating, all those pesky pop-up adverts etc…however, we need income from somewhere to keep the site running.

    The server that CBn and CMGN are hosted on is kindly maintained by Greg Nolle. Without his continued deovtion to the site, we wouldn't have been online for the last 2 years!

    The server is fine, but is just taking a beating from the odd million visitors we are currently getting each month.

    The server takes the beating from the memory transfers, so things like images and downloads do the most harm.

    What we need to do, at least, is move our downloads somewhere else, or introduce a queuing situation like at FilePlanet that keeps you in a queue, so that you get a fast download, but also keeps the site running smoothly.

    We're looking into both of these ideas at the moment, but for now, CBn needs help financially, we only have £7 left in CBn's bank account. If we're to make any judgement on what action we can take, we need some donations!

    With previous donations from Brett (Blofeld's Cat), John (Zencat), Barbara Emanuele and Mr. Raymond Benson, we've updated the server to what it is now (hence why we now only have £7 left). To go any further, we need more donations to do anything.

    Please give anything you can, whatever amount, every penny goes into the site.