1. Details On What Is Currently Happening In Cádiz

    By daniel on 2002-04-09

    'Jaime Bond' has updated everyone in the Die Another Day Forums on the filming taking place in Cádiz at the moment. Of course the First Unit, with Pierce Brosnan and other main actors, are currently filming scenes in Cádiz for Die Another Day.

    Yesterday scenes were filmed with Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry at the 'Bath of the Palm', which will reportedly appear as Bond's hotel in Die Another Day. The scene involved Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Bond pushing a man in a wheelchair towards a boat. This man reportedly looked ill/dead as he had his head slumped on his shoulder. There is no word on who it actually is. The 'Bath of the Palm' faces out to sea. Later in the evening scenes were also filmed at the Central Market where a tobacco factory will be located. The internal scenes required in the tobacco factory have already been filmed somewhere in London.

    Today filming took place again outside the 'Bath of the Palm' and also at the 'Torre del Sagrario', which we reported on earlier here. From 'Jaime Bond' we've learnt that Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) the mysterious person Bond talks to in this scene is Raul, the Cuban detective played by Emilio Echevarria. On that note, the local media in Cádiz has reported that Raul is the owner of the previously mentioned Tobacco Warehouse.

    Tomorrow film crews will head to San Fernando, which is 11 kilometers outside of Cádiz, to film an external shot of a car travelling to the beach. There is no word on who is involved in this scene.

    A big thanks to 'Jaime Bond' for sending those details in! Please discuss them in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums, see you there!