1. Clearing Up Whitney

    By David Winter on 2001-03-25

    Looking through our Bond 20 Forums I’ve found a lot of people are confused about the last news report on Whitney Houston. Being the Number 1 source for Bond 20 news I’ve done some primary investigation (more still happening) and I’d like to clear up something.

    Earlier today I spoke with Laurent Perriot, President of Club James Bond 007 France, who you’ll recall was mentioned in yesterdays report. To help clear up things he told me this:

    I didn’t [personally speek] with that lady from MGM, it was a news [article on Reuters].

    But I called Eon Productions ltd, Friday afternoon, and they confirmed me that MGM has asked Michael Wilson and Barbara to consider Whitney Houston for a part in Bond 20…

    So it seems to be more an idea of MGM [then] from EON…

    That’s fairly simple to understand. But to recap, the producers of the Bond Series (who have the final decisions on casting and most everything else) who are EON Productions have not requested a meeting with Whitney Houston. Rather, it is MGM who distribute the film who have asked EON to ‘take a look’ at Whitney.

    This is still being discussed in the Bond 20 Forums, and of course more particularily in this thread.