1. Another Oscar for Skyfall!

    After marking the very first live performance of Skyfall tonight, Adele, fought off top rivals Les Miserables and Life of Pi to claim the number one spot for best original song. James Bond is back on track.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2013-02-25
  2. SKYFALL score samples released

    So, how did Thomas Newman´s score turn out?

    Listen to the samples here:

    Stefan Rogall @ 2012-10-11
  3. Skyfall Track listing Revealed

    The official track list for ‘Skyfall’ has been revealed. The soundtrack contains 30 tracks, which can be seen below. Soundtrack previews may be released soon, so keep your fingers crossed!


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    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-10-07
  4. Skyfall Soundtrack Cover Unveiled

    The official cover for Thomas Newman’s Bond debut has been unveiled. The soundtrack to ‘Skyfall’ will be released October 29th 2012, 3 days after Skyfall is released in UK Cinemas. This is the first time in the Daniel Craig era that the soundtrack has been released after the film. The cover features the design of the first teaser poster, showing Bond walking down the famous gunbarrel.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-10-06
  5. Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ climbs to Number 1 in iTunes Charts.

    CommanderBond.Net is delighted to announce that Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ is dominating the charts. After been released for only 16 hours, the song has already climbed into the top 10 charts in 21 different country’s, and has managed to grab the Number 1 spot in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-10-05
  6. First glimpse of ‘Skyfall’ music video?

    As Global James Bond Day is upon us, we’ve already been greeted with a new Skyfall clip, and now a very teasing and mysterious video showcasing Adeles ‘Skyfall’ with some new footage. Could this be our first glimpse of the Skyfall music video? If so, then we could expect a lot of new footage.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-10-05
  7. Adele officially confirmed for ‘Skyfall’


    As CBn has refrained from posting this until official confirmation, we can now reveal that Adele will indeed perform the title song for the latest James Bond film and the track is set to go viral on October 5th.

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    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-10-01
  8. Skyfall Soundtrack coming October 22nd?

    ‘Skyfall’ marks Thomas Newman’s first shot at scoring a Bond film, and the first Bond film in 15 years to mark the absence of composer David Arnold, who worked on 5 consecutive James Bond movies, from 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, to 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’.

    Amazon have listed the ‘Skyfall’ soundtrack, with a release date of October 22nd. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but if the previous few Bond films are anything to go by, then October 22nd seems like an ideal release date. No track listing’s have been added, but you can rely on to inform you as soon as they become available.

    It is still unknown as to whether the yet to be announced title track will be available on the soundtrack, but if the releases for ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’ is anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    A close friend of Sam Mendes,  Newman’s most famous works include, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty and The Green Mile, so expectations are at an all time high.


    Special thanks to ‘Shrublands’ for the alert. 

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-09-07
  9. Marvin Hamlisch (1944 – 2012)

    CBn is very saddened to report the death of Marvin Hamlish, the composer of  the 10th James Bond movie  ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

    Hamlish, who had a career spanning four decades, and composed music for more than 40 motion pictures, collapsed after a brief illness on Monday, in Los Angeles, California.

    He is survived by his Family.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-08-08
  10. Interview: Irka Bochenko talks about her tribute to James Bond

    Today an exclusive interview with singer Irka Bochenko by the Club James Bond France sheds further light on the background of her project. By kind permission of Luc Le Clec, the Club’s president, is able to bring you the translation.





    Moonraker’s Blonde Beauty Irka sings for Bond… with Bond!


    Interview by Serge Igor
    Translated by Eric Saussine


    Irka Bochenko wrote the song ‘Happy Birthday Mr. Bond’ to celebrate 007’s 50th anniversary on the silver screen. Sir Roger Moore couldn’t refuse Irka’s gracious invitation. The song is in French and in English. She talked about this duet, her career as a Bond Girl and about Roger Moore himself. “The idea of my being a Bond Girl was a memory. Then I was invited for three exceptional days in London and I was immediately reminded that I was Bond Girl. It was a very exciting time. That’s when I learned that 2012 would be Bond’s 50th anniversary. A few weeks later when I was about to come back on stage in the south of France I got out of my dressing room and… my character Blonde Beauty was on TV… there was a Moonraker trailer on television. That was the spark. I wrote the song.”


    “I immediately thought about inviting Roger Moore. He had that elegance, that specific humour. I was keen on meeting him again after all these years. So I contacted the president of Club James Bond France who gave me the address of Sir Roger Moore’s Office. Two hours later I had Sir Roger’s reply: “Of course!”


    “The recording took place at his hotel in May 2012. His first words were: “What a pleasure to see you again!” Always generous, always a gentleman! We talked about our lives, about our common friends like Helmut Newton. We also talked about Lewis Gilbert and Mr. Broccoli.”
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    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-07-25
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