1. Happy Birthday Mr Fleming!

    Photo by Christian Yorke (c)

    Today it’s 105 years since Ian Fleming was born. Happy Birthday from and millions of fans around the world. Wherever you may be, we raise our glasses to you, Mr Fleming!*

    *Incidentally a certain Mr Blofeld also was born on the same date.

    Helmut Schierer @ 2013-05-28
  2. 007 joins the Diamond Jubilee Club – 60 Years of ‘Casino Royale’

    Bond 60 yrs

    Mark O’Connell ( and and congratulate the Secret Service’s best card player on 60 years of beating the odds


    On the 13th of April 1953 a new kind of hero emerged from the daydreams of Ian Fleming, right onto the pages of his first novel ‘Casino Royale’. So today it’s sixty years since the Cold War got its epitome hero and a cultural icon to boot. congratulates James Bond on six decades of playing for keeps, drinking for effect, love for breakfast and death after a hearty dinner. Not Bond’s death, mind you. Although that’s been in the cards more than once, too.

    But who would rescue the Secret Service – London, Britain, the world – if it wasn’t for James Bond? No, even when Bond was beaten to pulp, shot, stabbed, poisoned – he had to survive regardless. Let die and live to fight another villain, that was the motto Fleming gave his hero. It saved Bond from the hands of madmen Nazis, Russian spy controllers, deadly Chinese-German Tong-outcasts, scandalously rich Smersh spy bankers and at times even from the accidie of his own creator. For Fleming could get impatient or bored with his creation and threatened to end his short violent life with the deadly strokes of his gold-plated typewriter on more than one occasion.

    Thankfully these near-death experiences always proved to be of a merely temporary nature for our hero. His welcome return usually saw him in a refreshed state of fitness – see ‘Doctor No’ – or a reconfigured state of mind, as in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. When was popular fiction ever more entertaining as when we were allowed to share a hero savour sex, food and drink? Of course when we are invited to watch him killing his own boss – and ours, figuratively.

    But all is well and quiet on the Regent’s Park front, no damage is done to top floor personnel. Only the office needs a little fresh air and paint. Such is life in the Bond world: the devious villains brainwash the Secret Service’s best shot into an attempt at the head of Britain’s intelligence. And forget to provide him with a proper gun that would get the job done. Not that it would have helped a lot.

    Anyway, within a few pages the washed brain becomes unwashed and England’s least-secret agent is trusted with another suicide mission, with all involved in this decision – a sum total of one miffed M – safe in the knowledge that this time Bond will do better. 007 doesn’t disappoint.

    Meanwhile our hero stealthily set out to conquer further levels of existence, developed a life of his own on the silver screen and turned from a successful literary figure to a universally renown popular myth. In the process James Bond became an immortal character only rivalled by Sherlock Holmes, surviving his creator now by almost fifty years and not giving any signs of fading into obscurity in the foreseeable future. Other authors have taken up the challenge to continue the myth’s adventures, to give the readers what they crave: another deadly mission, another exotic locale and at least one more beautiful woman to kiss.

    Today James Bond has become its own brand of sometimes exotic, sometimes outrageous thrills and – relatively speaking – chaste sexual encounters, always remaining on the safe –  the entertaining – side of violence and action, topped off with gratuitous but highly welcome sex. James Bond – that means an entirely unique mixture of suspense and action, of passion and cold-bloodedness.  Somewhere along the road certain elements of this voyage threatened to drown out the original appeal of the character, the sheer physical courage and endurance of an ordinary human in the face of potentially lethal danger. At times it seemed as if the wallpapers and cummerbunds – no comment about means to tell the time of day or get from A to B here – had become more important than the character whose exploits they helped depict.

    But time and again Bond managed to leave that baggage behind, to remain relevant for casual and die-hard fans alike and inspire adventurous daydreams with people of all ages and walks of life. Readers still want to read about their favourite secret agent, very much so. Even if he’s on duty for sixty years and longer.

    Because nobody does it better.


    Helmut Schierer @ 2013-04-13
  3. Exclusive offer: Buy three 007 Reloaded audiobooks and save 33%

    AudioGo’s 007 Reloaded series of audiobooks represents one of the most exciting retellings of Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond novels. A high profile collection of actors tackle Fleming’s books for the audiobook series, including Rory Kinnear (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall), Bill Nighy, Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day), David Tennant, Kenneth Branagh, Toby Stephens (Die Another Day), Jason Isaacs and lots more. is pleased to offer its readers an exclusive offer on these fantastic new audiobooks. Simply order any three 007 Reloaded audiobooks (on CD or download) and enter the offer code “commanderbondreloaded” to save 33% off the total amount.

    To read more about – and buy – the 007 Reloaded titles, check out AudioGo’s special 007 Reloaded website.


    • Offer ends 31st December 2012
    • The promoter holds the right to withdraw the offer at any time
    • Offer not available in the US or Canada
    • Customers need to create an account with AudioGO to purchase
    • Valid on CD and Download of single 007 Reloaded titles
    Matt Weston @ 2012-11-30
  4. Drawn to Bond – Michael Gillette expands on his Bond work

    Amongst all the latest updates on the imminent ‘Skyfall’ premier – trailers, adds and whatnot – there is also the odd snippet on the literary Bond coming our way. And these days such news are connected largely to the name of one artist: Michael Gillette.


    Fans will remember Gillette is the artist behind the cover designs of Penguin’s 2008 Fleming reprints, giving that edition a distinctive and unique look. Now Gillette is busy making German publisher Cross Cult’s new Fleming translations a definite collectors item. Not only is it the first complete edition of the classic canon in German ever; Michael Gillette also provided two all-new original covers for ‘Thunderball’/’Feuerball’ and ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’/’Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Majestät’.














    continue reading…

    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-10-17
  5. ‘Everything or Nothing’ Coming October 5th.

    ‘Comingsoon’ have reported that a new James Bond Documentary will be making it’s way to our screens on October 5th. Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007, focuses on Albert R Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and Ian Fleming, and is described as a ‘ thrilling and inspiring narrative behind the longest running film franchise in cinema history’. Click here to read the full story.

    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-08-28
  6. ‘There is only one Bond’ – seven times from Vintage





    John Cox’s The Book Bond – the go-to place for news and curio about the printed Bond – just alerts us Vintage’s new series of Ian Fleming reprints has its first seven books listed as ‘in stock’ at now. Pre-ordered copies should already be shipping, express delivery is listed as optional, so buyers can expect their copies soonish. Book-stores will likely display them within days.


    You can read The Book Bond’s original report here and discuss Vintage’s two different print runs in this thread of the forums.

    Thanks to John Cox for the heads up.


    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-07-31
  7. At long last – Germans open the Fleming treasure chest


    Do fans of Fleming’s Bond dream of new material by the master? A lot of them do indeed. And for German fans amongst them the dream does come true this autumn, a full 59 years after ‘Casino Royale’ was first published.

    Cross Cult, renown German publisher specialised in quality comics and graphic novels (WHITEOUT, FROM HELL, THE WALKING DEAD) as well as genre fiction ( STAR TREK, CASTLE and TORCHWOOD novels, amongst others) picks up the Fleming originals. This is the first time the entire run of 14 James Bond books by Ian Fleming gets a complete and consistent edition in Germany, and with Michael Gillette’s unique cover artwork, if you please. It marks also the very first time German readers get a complete, unaltered and unabridged translation of all original 007 novels and short stories .


    Previous German translations date back to the first editions of the early 1960s. Due to post-war sensibilities and a generally less liberal atmosphere the books then were heavily edited and omitted all chapter titles, many descriptive passages, brand names and at times even whole chapters. The result were distorted and chopped affairs, missing out a lot of the atmosphere the originals were so rich with. It’s a testament to Fleming’s talent his works in their German translation sold well for decades, in spite of the desecration they had to suffer. continue reading…

    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-07-28
  8. Samples of the James Bond audiobooks on YouTube

    Since yesterday YouTube offers first samples of the James Bond audiobooks that are going to be released come September by AudioGo. Here is a snippet of ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ read by Kenneth Branagh. If you follow this link you will find samples of all the audiobooks. One particular treat for fans may be ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ read by Rosamund Pike.




    Thanks to Martin Eccles for the alert.

    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-07-05
  9. ‘There is only one Bond’ – first glimpse on new covers at The Book Bond

    Today John Cox’s website The Book Bond, dedicated to the latest news in James Bond’s literary world, revealed an interesting development. Vintage Books, the current holder of a ten year licence to publish Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, intends to publish the fourteen books with two entirely different cover artworks, the classic series (see their covers here), and what Vintage call their contemporary James Bond series.  The first seven of these can be seen at The Book Bond’s story here.

    While the classic series adopts a distinctively minimalistic, yet ingenious approach – minus the author’s name! – the contemporary series features a much more conventional photographic artwork that nonetheless wasn’t seen in this manner on Bond covers before. The theme is a man’s silhouette alone in the middle distance, put into the various settings of the respective novels, all done in b/w, with the title in gold. The most intriguing detail is the claim ‘There is only one Bond’ on each cover.

    You can discuss this news here

    Read the Book Bond story here

    Thanks to John Cox for the alert.

    Helmut Schierer @ 2012-06-28
  10. Ian Fleming Publications announces audio book releases

    Ian Fleming Publications has announced the release of 12 James Bond Audio Books to be released later this year. Individually read by some of the best British talent, the project 3 years in the making, aims to create an exciting, modern take on these classic stories.

    • Casino Royale read by Dan Stevens
    • Live and Let Die read by Rory Kinnear
    • Moonraker read by Bill Nighy
    • Diamonds Are Forever read by Damian Lewis
    • From Russia With Love read by Toby Stephens
    • Dr No read by Hugh Quarshie
    • Goldfinger read by Hugh Bonneville
    • Thunderball read by Jason Isaacs
    • The Spy Who Loved Me read by Rosamund Pike
    • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service read by David Tennant
    • You Only Live Twice read by Martin Jarvis
    • The Man With the Golden Gun read by Kenneth Branagh
    Each fantastic new Bond title will be available to pre-order on 1st August, and download or purchase on CD from 6th September 2012.
    Matthew Harkin @ 2012-06-15
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