1. Dom Perignon James Bond Centenary Celebrations

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-08

    Dom Perignon, a brand long associated with the character of a James Bond, was the featured champagne at the grand ‘Story of James Bond. A Tribute to Ian Fleming’ centenary celebration event, held this past Sunday at the London Palladium Theatre.

    Dom Perignon Celebrates the Centenary Year of Ian Fleming, Creator of James Bond

    Ian Fleming

    Ian Fleming

    On the occasion of “The Story of James Bond. A Tribute to Ian Fleming”, arranged by Ian Fleming’s niece, Lucy Fleming, to mark the final event in the Ian Fleming Centenary year at the London Palladium Theatre on Sunday 5 October 2008, Dom Perignon paid tribute to the iconic author as the official and exclusive champagne partner of the private After Show Party.

    Dom Perignon Vintage 2000, the iconic luxury champagne was served to the VIP guests to celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming and James Bond’s fondness for Dom Perignon, as described in Moonraker:

    “Bond smiled… ‘Yes,’ he said,… ‘I believe I would like to drink champagne this evening…’The wine-waiter was pleased. ‘If I may suggest it, sir, the Dom Perignon ’46. I understand that France only sells it for dollars, sir, so you don’t often see it in London…’ Bond smiled his agreement”

    No doubt that all VIP guests at this special party also agreed…

    A glittering host of stars attended the After Show Party: Sir Roger Moore, Gemma Arterton, Rosamund Pike, Jeremy Irons, Mica Paris, Samantha Bond, Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, Lesley Manville,Toby Stephens, Jo Gibb, Laura Michelle Kelly, Joely Richardson, …

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    Dom Perignon has often been featured on-screen (and-off) in the lives of some of the worlds most iconic characters — one of which was, of course, Ian Fleming’s extraordinary creation James Bond, whose love for Dom Perignon even made it into the pages of Moonraker

    From Moonraker to today, Dom Perignon has preserved its timeless style and iconic status, but instead of the vintage 1946 served to James Bond in Moonraker, Dom Perignon served the exceptional vintage 2000, a vintage that was received with pure pleasure by all who tasted it. Fresh, crystalline, and sharp, the first nose unveiled an unusual dimension, an aquatic vegetal world with secret touches of white pepper and gardenia. The wine then revealed airy, gentle richness before exhaling peaty scents. On the palate, the attack burst forth, before maturing into a sensual fullness that winds around itself… An indefinable je ne sais quoi, never upsetting the integrity of the wine, had worked its charm… seducing everybody.

    The unmistakable Dom Perignon Style…

    Surely, Ian Fleming would have approved of this choice!


    Going beyond a certain classicism in the spirit of Dom Perignon, Vintage 2000 is an emblematic homage to the creation of Champagne, and to the most iconic stars and characters of all times, who continue to elect Dom Perignon as their favourite.

    In fact, this is the extraordinary destiny of a champagne which is–since the visionary work of Dom Perignon in the 18th century–much more than champagne: Dom Perignon is an inspired creation for inspiring people, and probably since Moonraker one of the most desired weapons in the world!

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