1. Timothy Dalton Discusses James Bond And 'Hot Fuzz'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-02-20

    Timothy Dalton has appeared in a new interview on This Morning where he promoted his newest film, Hot Fuzz, (currently in UK theatres now and set for a limited release on 20 April in the US) but also discussed the role of James Bond…

    This Morning: In terms of the James Bond he is, and the actor he is, do you think it’s fair to say that Daniel Craig is the closest to your representation?

    Timothy Dalton: Oh wow, what a question. I think he’s great. I think the movie, Casino Royale is a huge leap forward and I like him alot. I tried to bring the movies back to something that was like Ian Fleming, and he’s gone further I think.

    This Morning: [Craig] received initial criticism as anyone would be when they come in to that post, and you were as well, but I think history has been very kind to you. Has that given you any satisfaction that you’ve been sort of revisited? I’ve read alot of reviews saying ‘that Timothy Dalton, maybe he was a bit ahead of his time.’

    Dalton: Everyone has their own point of view, you can’t expect everyone to agree. I mean, I’m happy with what I did; I’m pleased. So what else can you say?

    This Morning: It’s a hell of a role to pick up, James Bond, wouldn’t you say? It’s a huge responsibility because it has to be carried forward.

    Dalton: Oh yes, oh yes. But it’s still going and it’s still successful and everyone loves them.

    This Morning: Well, something that is also going to hopefully be successful for you is your latest film; it’s a comedy. It’s not often you come across a Timothy Dalton comedy.

    Dalton: Not often, but I’ve done a few.

    After watching a clip from the film…

    This Morning: Tell us, you play a supermarket mananger [in Hot Fuzz]. What’s your character like; what is he all about?

    Dalton: His name is Simon Skinner. So, let’s start at the beginning: Simon [Pegg], who you saw there with Nick Frost is brilliant. They’re both brilliant, they’re fabulous. And Edgar [Wright] who directed it and wrote it with Simon is just a unique talent. And it’s about that cop. He’s brilliant, dedicated, committed… he’s so good they want to get rid of him. They ship him off to a quiet, sleepy, little rural village where there’s no crime. But there’s a reason why… so the movie develops into a mystery/thriller that is funny, very funny, and really rather wonderful and unique. I’m just one of the local village establishment. It’s a great cast; a great ensemble.

    Click here to watch the entire interview with Timothy Dalton on YouTube.

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