1. James Bond Mystery SOLVED: Maud Adams Found in 'A View To A Kill'

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-06-09

    UPDATE JUNE 13: With the help of Matt Sherman (organizer of the popular Bond Collector Weekend’s), CBn was able to get a comment on this article from Maud Adams herself. In viewing the A View To A Kill screen capture below, Maud Adams had this to say…

    “I think you solved the mystery. It looks very much like me.”

    Maud Adams
    June 2004

    Maud Adams is the only featured Bond Girl to appear in three James Bond films. She stared alongside Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun and Octopussy. But her part in A View To A Kill is quite a minor one.

    In an interview with John Glen on there is a big clue as to where Maud Adams actually is in A View To A Kill.

    Q. Tell me about the Maud Adams cameo in ‘A View to a Kill’.

    A. We were shooting at Fisherman’s Wharf. Maud — who is a very good friend of ours — decided to come and visit us on the set with her boyfriend. I said to Maud “Come on, why don’t you become a crowd extra?” So she and her boyfriend walked through in the background, and by doing that she became the only woman to appear in three James Bond movies.

    Chuck Lee & James Bond with Maud Adam's behind them

    After reviewing the A View To A Kill Region One DVD it’s thought that we’ve actually located Maud Adams. Check Chapter 19 “Fisherman’s Warf”, the scene between David Yip (Chuck Lee) and Roger Moore (James Bond). Maud Adams can be seen in a black pants suit, tan jacket, and black sunglasses holding hands with a plaid shirts mustached man. She slides in on the right side of the screen at exactly 1:00:28 when Chuck Lee says, “During World War II…” and she slides off the left side of the screen at 1:00:36 when James Bond asks, “With any success?”.

    Is this indeed Maud Adams? Another James Bond mystery could be solved…