1. Guy Hamilton dies at 93

    According to various sources – here The Guardian – four time Bond director Guy Hamilton has died at the age of 93 at his home on Majorca.

    Guy Hamilton was a household name of British cinema at least since he directed The Colditz Story in 1955. A number of hugely successful films followed with Goldfinger, Funeral in Berlin, Battle of Britain and of course his further Bond duties at the helm of Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. Earlier in his career he acted as director’s assistant and worked three times with director Carol Reed, amongst them on The Third Man.


    Our condolences to his family and friends.




    Helmut Schierer @ 2016-04-21
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    Helmut Schierer @ 2016-03-22
  3. Sad losses…

    2016 is already shaping up to become known as a year of sad losses. This past week has been considerably cruel in taking away two of the most accomplished men of our time, two major characters whose influence on our culture will go far beyond their lifetime.

    On 08. March Sir George Martin passed away at the age of 90. His merits as music producer have been lauded for decades and will no doubt continue to be praised. He has been right at the epicentre of the music business in the last century, putting his mark on pop culture – before the term was even used – like only a very few before or after him. His score of Roger Moore’s 007 debut Live and Let Die and the spectacular main title song remain a favourite of the entire series with many fans, me included. As he also produced Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger he is behind two of the most popular classic Bond songs.

    On 10. March Sir Ken Adam died at the age of 95. His influence on production design is already legendary, his work is so iconic that it is now a central piece in any class of film/motion picture design. He donated his considerable archive with countless sketches and storyboards to the Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin, the major German film archive. Since I’m a fellow countryman of Sir Ken I’d particularly like to express my thanks for his services in freeing Europe and my – our – home country.

  team and members hereby express our condolences to the families.

    Gentlemen, we salute you.

    Helmut Schierer @ 2016-03-11
  4. Merry Xmas from

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-12-24
  5. Vous n’êtes pas seuls




    (image © Max Braun/Flickr)

    Helmut Schierer @ 2015-11-14
  6. SPECTRE World Premiere announced

    spectre top

    The Press release:





    LONDON, July 17, 2015 – Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment are delighted to announce that the World Premiere for SPECTRE will take place in London on Monday, October 26, 2015.


    For the first time ever, the film will open on the same night at cinemas across the UK and Ireland, giving audiences the opportunity to be the first in the world to see the hugely-anticipated 24th film in the James Bond franchise.


    Following the World Premiere and release in the UK and Ireland, SPECTRE will begin its rollout in territories around the world. The film will release in the US on November 6, 2015.


    No information about a venue or public availability of tickets was given.

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-07-17
  7. Shooting SPECTRE – Clapperboard #8

    Only a day after a new videoblog which featured heavily on cars, we are treated to another clapperboard image. Surprisingly, there’s a motorbike in this one. And it has machine guns…

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-05-01
  8. Shooting “SPECTRE” – Clapperboard #7

    Back in London – City Hall, no less.

    SPECTRE Clapperboard #7

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-04-18
  9. Merry Xmas from

    CBn Xmas 2014

    Heiko Baumann @ 2014-12-24
  10. Public Service ad against “Sexual Assault” supported by Daniel Craig

    Sexual assault victimizes women and men.  Horribly, it often happens twice:  first with the actual assault, second with other people doubting it really happened or even making fun of the victims (as if they were “asking for it”).

    To raise awareness for the horrible situation of women and men being at the center of this crime, please click on the link and watch the White House-approved clip which is supported by and features appearances by Daniel Craig, Benicio del Toro and Steve Carell.

    1 is 2 many:


    Special thanks to “Iceskater 101” for bringing attention to this.

    Stefan Rogall @ 2014-05-06
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