1. Shooting SPECTRE: Clapperboard #12

    … and, finally, we´re in Morocco!


    Stefan Rogall @ 2015-06-22
  2. SPECTRE video blog – Mexico’s Day of the Dead

    The official 007 accounts have released a new video blog about SPECTRE filming in Mexico City, which includes an action sequence based around the traditional Day of the Dead festival. Celebrations take place throughout Mexico every year between 31st October and 2nd November. The blog itself focuses on the costumes and preparation needed to capture a mass parade involving more than 1,500 extras. The scenes are expected to feature as the opening pre-title sequence of SPECTRE.

    Kenny Stewart @ 2015-06-15
  3. Shooting SPECTRE: Clapperboard #11

    From 2nd Unit this time… more boat action?

    Clapperboard 11

    Stefan Rogall @ 2015-06-14
  4. Christopher Lee dies aged 93


    Christopher Lee 2008

    Today the news of Christopher Lee’s death on June 7th reached us through various news outlets. According to reports, the actor died shortly after being hospitalised for health problems, heart failure apparently being the most severe of them.

    Obituaries touch on the various milestones of Lee’s career, his fame with Hammer films alongside colleague and friend Peter Cushing, his role as the Prince of Darkness, his later appearance in The Wicker Man. And of course his part as the world’s most expensive hit man in 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun.

    Later Lee went on to a part in the Star Wars prequels and afterwards to the role of Saruman in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. He also had a number of smaller roles in Tim Burton projects, from Sleepy Hollow to Dark Shadows, working with the director on a regular basis. In 2011 Burton then was the one to award Lee his BAFTA fellowship.

    Lee’s talent was so varied that he also continuously dabbled on the fringes of the music business. He contributed a song to The Wicker Man’s soundtrack, worked at the recordings of a number of operas and musicals between 1986 and 1998 and finally released a couple of Heavy Metal concept albums.

    Lesser known perhaps is the fact Lee spoke German so well that he did his own part in the German dub of The Last Unicorn himself, a skill he regularly used to great effect whenever his work called for publicity appearances in Germany, and which – together with his well-mannered demeanour and his charming personality – endeared him to countless journalists over the years.

    Christopher Lee died aged 93. He was a cousin of Ian Fleming and to this day a favourite villain with many Bond fans. Team and members of hereby express their condolences with his wife and family.


    Photography of Sir Christopher Lee courtesy Wikipedia.


    Helmut Schierer @ 2015-06-11
  5. First SPECTRE TV spot revealed

    Sports fans watching last night’s NBA play-off finals were given a surprise sneak peak at SPECTRE, as the film’s first TV spot was broadcast to viewers in the United States.

    Half of the minute-long advert recaps the SPECTRE teaser trailer released in March, but the second half contains brand new wall-to-wall action from filming in Austria, Rome, Mexico City and the UK.

    It’s now been posted to the official 007 social media accounts:

    Kenny Stewart @ 2015-06-10
  6. Some Kind Of Hero

    From the overbrimming vaults of The History Press tidings reached CBn of an intriguing upcoming project of theirs, due to hit shelves this October. While so far we’ve had no chance to take a peek at the book, their press release speaks probably best for itself.

    Follows the original text:



     SOME KIND OF HEROUnknown-1

    The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films

    By Matthew Field & Ajay Chowdhury

    Published October 2015

    Hardback, £25





    The History Press is delighted to announce that it will be publishing Some Kind of Hero this October.


    For over 50 years, Albert R. Broccoli’s Eon Productions has navigated the ups and downs of the volatile British film industry, enduring both critical wrath and acclaim in equal measure for its now legendary James Bond series. Latterly, this family-run business has been crowned with box office gold and recognised by motion picture academies around the world. However, it has not always been plain sailing.


    Changing tax regimes forced 007 to relocate to France and Mexico; changing fashions and politics led to box office disappointments; and changing studio regimes and business disputes all but killed the franchise. And the rise of competing action heroes has constantly questioned Bond’s place in popular culture. But against all odds the filmmakers continue to wring new life from the series, and 2012’s Skyfall saw both huge critical and commercial success, crowning 007 as the undisputed king of the action genre.


    Written by Bond scholars Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, Some Kind of Hero is based on over

    continue reading…

    Helmut Schierer @ 2015-06-05
  7. Shooting SPECTRE – “London Calling”

    Filming for SPECTRE continued in London over the weekend, with scenes being shot in Westminster and other central parts of the capital.

    The official 007 social media accounts posted a picture from filming on Saturday afternoon at the Government Offices Great George Street, which is thought to have involved Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris. Scenes were captured later in the day at nearby Great Scotland Yard, which was also used in SKYFALL.

    On Sunday evening, London’s famous Trafalgar Square was, very unusually, sealed off to the public to allow filming to take place.

    More scenes are expected to be filmed across the capital for the next couple of weeks, including more helicopter stunts close to the River Thames.

    Kenny Stewart @ 2015-06-01
  8. The 007th Chapter – The Ebook Edition

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s 007th birthday, today releases the ebook edition of “The 007th Chapter, Volume One: Happenstance”, a series of literary musings by Jacques I. M. Stewart, aka “Jim”. Volume One concentrates on the James Bond novels and short stories written by or “as” Ian Fleming.

    continue reading…

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-05-29
  9. New Bond Novel is “Trigger Mortis”

    The press release from Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.:





    Anthony Horowitz lifts lid on title of new 007 novel and announces “Pussy Galore is back!”
    Anthony Horowitz reveals today (28th May), on what would have been James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s 107th birthday, that his forthcoming official 007 adventure is to be titled Trigger Mortis. In a move that will whet the appetite of fans worldwide and is unprecedented among recent Bond novels – the contents have always been shrouded in mystery until publication – Horowitz divulges that the secret agent’s new adventure begins in 1957, two weeks after the events of Fleming’s Goldfinger. Horowitz places Bond in the middle of the Soviet-American Space Race as the United States prepares for a critical rocket launch, and brings back the most famous Bond Girl of all: Pussy Galore!
    Horowitz is the latest contemporary novelist to tackle literature’s greatest action hero, and the first to place his work directly within Fleming’s original canon. As well as Pussy Galore, the book features: brand new Bond Girl Jeopardy Lane; Jai Seung Sin, a sadistic, scheming Korean adversary hell-bent on vengeance; and breathless, globe-trotting adventure. Uniquely among latter-day Bond authors, Horowitz has included original Ian Fleming material: a treatment for Murder on Wheels, an episode of a television series that was never made. Fleming’s text sees Bond in the high-octane world of motor racing and it is his never-used plot that kicks off the action of Trigger Mortis.
    Anthony Horowitz said: “It was always my intention to go back to the true Bond, which is to say, the Bond that Fleming created and it was a fantastic bonus having some original, unseen material from the master to launch my story. I was so glad that I was allowed to set the book two weeks after my favourite Bond novel, Goldfinger, and I’m delighted that Pussy Galore is back! It was great fun revisiting the most famous Bond Girl of all – although she is by no means the only dangerous lady in Trigger Mortis. I hope fans enjoy it. My aim was to make this the most authentic James Bond novel anyone could have written.”
    Trigger Mortis will be published on 8th September by Orion Publishing.

    IFP have also released both the UK (left) and the US (right) cover art:

    UK-Project-One-cover1   US-Project-One-cover











    For more information, visit the book’s website

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-05-28
  10. Shooting SPECTRE – Clapperboard #10

    If you can’t stand the heat…

    Spectre Clapperboard #10

    Heiko Baumann @ 2015-05-24
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